Our Buddies

We get it. You don’t want just any random person with a mobile app putting your stuff together. So we took a different approach. Rather than try to build our own fleet of service technicians, we instead partnered with industry leading national service providers (think "Geek Squad") whose expertise is managing 1000s of field service technicians at a time -- these providers are not individuals or small "mom and pop" shops.  They are a MUCH larger entity, one that typically works with major big-box retailers, one that ensures that technicians are sufficiently trained and epxerienced with the type of service being requested.  All preferred national service providers have gone through a rigorous vetting process by Chore Buddy to ensure they meet the high standards we set for ourselves.
All buddies assigned to a My Chore Buddy project are sourced from our Expert Marketplace and fulfilled by a national service provider.
What makes our buddies different than the other "on-demand" service networks?
1.  We don't sell leads to a pool of contractors to fill your inbox with questions & quotes.  Your buddy is assigned to your project by us immediately after your order is placed.
2.  Your order will be managed by a national service provider from our exclusive Expert Marketplace.  The have extensive experience managing a large field-service workforce.
3.  We require background checks for every technician who performs services - not just the owner like other home services networks.
4.  We have full redundency built into the system so should the need arise for any reason, a new provider can be assigned ASAP.  We've got you covered.

For more information about our national service providers and our expert marketplace in general, please visit www.expertmarketplace.org.

All Buddies are:
✓ Pre-screened & Background Checked
✓ Certified for the Service Assigned
✓ Fully Insured, Licensed and Bonded
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