About Us

Our mission is to deliver a superior Home Services platform for matching customers with local experts. With that mission in mind, we sought to deliver a better customer experience by eliminating 2 challenges typically found with other traditional "on-demand" Home Services platforms:


1) Estimates - The irratating back-and-forth quoting and negotiation process associated with the gig economy apps such as thumbtack, handy and task rabbit.  So we set out to eliminate it. How? We guarantee up front pricing. To do this, we focussed on the installation nuances associated with each of the brands themselves and the individual SKUs (i.e. products).  So our services catalog is like no other.  It enables you the customer to find your EXACT product that needs to be assembled/installed at the EXACT price. No more estimates and no more guess work.  

2) Gig Economy Workers - Knowing if the pro coming to your home is indeed an expert in the service requested can be a challenge. So instead of offering up your request to anyone with a smart phone, we have partnered with only the best 5-star regional and national service providers in each category that we offer.  We ensure that the local technician being assigned to your project is certified and most qualified to perform the work. That way we take the worry out of finding the right technician for the job for you. Guaranteed!

A Timeline of Our History


In The Beginning...

Seeing the demand for Home Services starting to explode, MyChoreBuddy is launched as a local home services business on Amazon in May...initially in just Southern California where the company is based with a small crew of just 5 technicians. It was a humble beginning but we learned quickly how to provide 5-star service to a very demanding customer base*.


Explosive Growth Phase

Amazon provided the company a wonderful platform for growth. First we expanded to Nothern California. Then Texas. Then beyond. The service rapidly took off such that it employed over 300 technicians across the country by the end of 2018. And we continued to provide 5-star service throughout the growth period. 


An Idea Is Born

Seeing an opportunity to launch a more powerful service, the company embarked on an ambitious 2-year mission to build a simple and intuitive platform for customers to get quotes and book a local certified pros outside of Amazon.  Hence the idea for MyChoreBuddy.com was born.  And then - Bam! The pandemic. We accelerated our launch date to June 2020,  But with Amazon shutting down its home service business, we new the need was there for a new and better direct-to-consumer offering. And so the journey began...

As MyChoreBuddy.com enters its 3rd full year of existance, we see a bright future ahead. Our brand partners are embracing the product-specific quoting model. And customers love the simple easy to use platform.  We continue to add more brands, more products/services as we move forward. So if you can't find the particular service you need but would like to work with us, please fill out a special request using the link at the bottom of every page. We look forward to serving you.

*Click here to check out our 2000+ postivie reviews on Amazon - where we were a preferred 5-star Home Serivces provider for 5 years!