COVID-19 Safety Precautions

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Posted by Your Buddy Marc on May 24th 2020

During these unprecedented times, we are asked often if it's safe for our Buddies to be doing in-home assembly & installation work. Great question and we dedicate this post to answering it...

First of all, the safety, health and overall well being of our customers and staff is our top concern.  In general, most customers have taken it upon themselves to avoid and home services project that would require entry into their household and we commend that action. As such, the majority of DIY/DIFM projects we see homeowners undertaking right now are outdoor projects such as patio and lawn projects and backyard play projects. The majority of our work at the moment is for Gazebo Installation (thank you Cosco!) and Playset Installation (thank you Sams Club!).  

Here are the precautions we recommend when a buddy arrives for an outdoor/backyard installation project:

1.  We ask that all buddies refrain from using on-site bathroom facilities of our customer.  No. They will not be bringing a porta-potty with them. If possible and feasible we ask they use a bathroom at a local restaurant (?), gas station or coffee shop. 

2.  Since all workers are expect to wear a mask since they are working in crews, this may make working a full day more difficult. As such we are asking buddies to extend some of their 1 full-day projects possible to 2 half-days so as to facility a better working environment. We appreciate your understanding on this.

3.  To ensure proper distancing and contact free projects, we ask that you, our customer, please avoid approaching our buddies on the job site while high-risk exposure is still at play.

Thank you for all of your support and understanding these past few weeks and months. We will get thru this together.

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