Posted by Your Buddy Marc on May 22nd 2020

We have had many a do-it-yourself-ers contact us lately asking us about getting help putting their outdoor structures together, especially "just the roof".  So just a few words of advice before you embark on your DIY project from the DIFM experts ("do-it-for-me").

1.  When embarking on a backyard project, especially a patio covering such as a gazebo, pergola or pavilion, know that most of these structures need to be on a FLAT LEVEL surface.  Many of our customers are finding that their concrete patio is uneven or sometimes sloped for drainage. This may become an issue.

2.  For surfaces that are not level you have a few choices. For gazebos and pavilions we recommend using pavers underneath the posts to help level things out. Otherwise the roof line will not be right. We do NOT recommend cutting the posts to "level" out the structure. In addtion to invalidating your manufacturer's warrenty, we do not think this is a prodent work-around.

3.  Some customers have questioned the need to get permits for their HOA.  Word of advice. If you purchase a pre-built wood or metal structure, you should not need a permit. The biggest reasons are a) these are kits which require no cutting or additional hardware to build b) securing wooden structures to a corncrete pad is *optional* per most manufacturers c) these are mostly free-standing structures (at least the ones we work with), thus there is no impact on your dwelling.

So before you start your project, we recommend that you read thru all manufacturers specifications. Outdoor sheds are a perfect example where you may need to build a level platform from which the shed needs to sit on top of (else your doors won't close properly!).

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