Patio Covers

Patio Covers

Posted by Your Buddy Marc on May 16th 2020

We dedicate this post to all of you who have persevered these past few months thru the stay-at-home orders.  We too feel your pain.  We have witnessed a HUGE increase lately in the number of folks buying Patio Covers for their backyard right now.  What our customers are telling us is that with Spring here and Summer just around the corner, they need some shade for their patio and what better way than to add a gorgeous gazebo to the mix.

Most popular Patio Cover projects trending right now are the Yardistry Wood Gazebos from Costco, available in both 12x14 and 12x16 sizes. Please note: The size you see on the box is the ROOF dimensions, not the footprint of the inside of the Gazebo (we think its a Canadian law or something). Anyways, people ask us all the time the same few questions about this project:

Q:. How many people does it take to install? 

A: The installation manual specifies 4 people in several steps but know it can be done with 3 experts assuming they have done it before.

Q:  What changes are being made now in the installation process due to social distancing recommendations:

A:  First of all, all of our provider partners from our Expert Marketplace are taking every precaution possible to ensure  your safety and the safety of the buddies.  In addition to masks and gloves, we are asking all buddies to refrain from entering customers households, this includes for bathroom breaks. So for installs such as Gazebos that typically take a full day, we may need to spread it over a couple of days just to be safe. We hope you understand.

Q:  Does it need to be anchored to a concrete pad? 

A: This is an *optional* step and the kit only comes with brackets not the screws to secure it to a base. Note that the whole thing weighs over 700 pounds so its very unlikely to get picked up and redeposited to your neighbors yard, even if a wizard of oz type tornado came to visit.

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