Who You Gonna Call?

Who You Gonna Call?

Posted by Your Buddy Marc on May 30th 2020

When the Idea for Chore Buddy was first conceived, we set out to create something different than those supposedly "handy" sites.  We wanted to eliminate the need for our customers to vet their buddy -- thus saving them time and hassle.  So what did we do that makes us different from those "gig app" (e.g. handy, task rabbit, porch, etc)? Simple.  

First of all we are not a referral service to your local handyman (yes, we get asked that a LOT).  Nor do we sign up anyone with a smart phone who applies.  Our approach has been to create an EXPERT MARKETPLACE (you will see reference to it several times on our website). The marketplace is for EXPERTS only.  Certified EXPERTS. How do we do that? We only work with NATIONAL SERVICE PROVIDERS who recruit, hire, train, certify and manage their experts (and your BUDDY!).

This was very deliberate on our part and a decision we hope sets us apart in the HOME SERVICES industry. We have hand-picked our strategic partners to join our EXPERT MARKETPLACE.  They must be able to cover the entire US and have only high-quality trained/certified experts in the categories we have signed them up for.

And to ensure EXPERT coverage, we have targeted partners defined by project category. So our partner for ready-to-assemble home furniture is not the same partner we use for outdoor playsets. And our smart tech partners specializes in electronics -- such that they are the premier provider in the US hands-down.

So when you go price shopping for an assembler and/or installer, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Are you going to get an EXPERT in their field of expertise or simply "a pro" with a smart phone and a couple of reviews?

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