How it Works

Get Quotes Instantly. Book Online. Finish Your Project.

Since 2015, My Chore Buddy has been connecting  homeowners with extremely qualified experts to help them complete their in-home product installation and set-up projects.  What makes us different is that we aren't a lead-generation service - no estimates; no back and forth with questions about your project. Once a pre-priced service is booked with us online, it is assigned automatically to the nearest and most qualified expert ready to do-it-for-you based on your scheduling preference and our proprietary expert matching algorithms. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Just look for these buttons on the service you need, click and go! GET AN INSTANT QUOTE, CHECK AVAILABILITY and BOOK NOW.

Search For A Service

There are numerous ways to search our site's extensive online catalog to find your exact service.  Locate the search box on top right of every page or use the LINKS on the navigation menu.  Enter in a service description such as "Playset Installation", your make and model such as "Weber Grill", or a combination of both such as "Yardistry Gazebo Installation".

Get a No-Haggle Quote

On each detailed service page, you will see either a specific price or a price range for your quote. The price for the service depends on the actual size and/or model of the product being serviced. Select the size and/or model from the choices below the product image. The price you see quoted on the service details page is not an estimate. It's a firm, no-haggle quote. You can either  SAVE your quote for later or proceed to the scheduling pages to place an order using the <CHECK AVAILABILITY> button.

Book Online

During the online scheduling process, you will be given the opportunity to let us know your preferred appointment date. Your assigned provider will contact you directly to confirm your appointment.  You can reschedule and/or cancel at anytime, but please review our reschedule & cancellation policy (terms available for viewing from the bottom navigation list) prior to submitting your order.

Get Matched

Once you have placed your order online, our Order Desk will automatically assign a background-checked and certified installation expert (and crew) in your area to your project.  All experts are sourced from our Expert Marketplace to ensure that your installer is perfectly suited to perform your service to perfection.  Matching is done based on your scheduling preference and the availability of an expert in your area. Satisfaction Guaranteed!