How it Works

Get Quotes Instantly. Book A Buddy. Finish Your Project.
Since 2015, My Chore Buddy has been connecting  homeowners with extremely qualified service pros to help them complete their "do-it-yourself" home projects.  What makes us different is that we aren't a lead-generation service - no estimates; no back and forth with questions about your project. Once a pre-priced project is booked online, it is routed instantly to the nearest and most qualified expert ready to do-it-for-you. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...
Search our extensive online service catalog to find your exact project, including make/model. The price you see on the project details page is not an estimate. It's a firm, no-haggle quote. Click the "BOOK NOW" button. Specify your appointment preferences. Provide your contact info. Confirm your order.
Once your order has been placed, it is immediately routed to our Expert Marketplace for fulfillment. Your order will then be assigned to a background-checked and fully qualified local service pro (your "buddy") based on our proprietary best-fit algorithms. Your buddy will contact you to confirm your appointment.
On the day of your appointment, your buddy will arrive fully equipped to complete your project.  You will be asked to rate and review your buddy after it's done. All projects completed by our local experts come with a 100% happiness guarantee. So if you're not totally satisfied, let us know and we'll fix it at no charge.

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