5-Star Performers.

fully vetted to meet our high standards.

Our Experts

We get it. You don’t want just any random person with a mobile app doing your handy work - espcially the big, complicated stuf!  So we took a different approach from those so-called "Handy" apps. We only match customers with known & vetted service providers from our industry-leading Expert Marketplace. All of our providers maintain full liability insturance and adquately staff customer service agents; they also ensure that all of the technicians are certified for the service you we provide a quote for. You'll be given the provider's contact information as soon as they accept the match.  Satisfaction Guraranteed! For more information about our Expert Marketplace, the providers we work with and the associated technology platform, please visit our B2B website by clicking here.

We did all the research. So you don't have to.

All HandyBuddy projects are fulfilled by certified* local professionals sourced from our Expert Marketplace. And all experts have been fully vetted to meet our high standards and expectations.  Only the best and most qualified 5-star performers in the industry will come to your home or office to assemble, install & set-up your product.  We guarantee it. 

All Experts Are:

✓ Pre-screened & Background Checked

✓ Certified for the Service Requested

✓ Fully insured and bonded

no need for you, us or the provider to negotiate "estimates"

We are NOT a lead generation service; we never subcontract requests or sell your information to a pool of contractors to fill your inbox with questions & quotes.  All providers from our Expert Marketplace are active members on the platform and our agreements with them enable us to pre-price services with you, the customer, as they have already agreed to accept the work at pre-negotiated prices & terms (which is what you see quoted here on this website).

Reviews of our Experts can be found on the individual service page(s).

*We work extensively with product manufacturers to know exactly what it takes to assemble, install or set-up your product and ensure that the technician assigned is well-equipped to perform the service.  All technicians are required to be experts in the service provided. This ensures only the top, highly-qualified professionals perform your service.