Increase Conversion Rates

by giving customers easy access to professional installation & set-up services!

Partner with Us

Leading brands & online retailers have partnered with us to provide their customers with turn-key solutions for getting quotes and booking certified local installation pros for their products.  Set-up is simple and can be done in days, not weeks or months!

My Chore Buddy Partner Benefits

*This is not a solicitation for individual contractors to become buddies.

Brand-specific landing pages

All partners get a quick and easy way to refer their customers to us. A fully branded landing page with brand-specific products listed. Customers simply need to select the product they have purchased or about to purchase and they can get a quote, book service and check on service availability in their area with just a click of a mouse and no fuss!

Promotional Opportuntieis

Giving your customers a promotional discount on installation services, especially during the holiday season, increases pull-through and customer satisfaction! Our platform makes it easy for you to give customers a coupon code that they can use on our site for discounts on the installation of their holiday purchase/gifts

Exclusive Access to Our Expert Network

Our Expert Marketplace was designed and built from the ground up to ensure that only the industries best and most capable 5-star providers would be putting your products together. We partnered with leading regional and national installation services companies rather than focus on the gig economy workers most common with those so-called HANDY apps.

Get in contact with a member of our business development team and give us a try! We're certain you'll be impressed with the results!